Shipping and return policies for jordaan mason

Shipping Info
some things to know about shipping:
- i live in canada and unfortunately it's very expensive for me to send stuff to other parts of the world, even the united states. LPs are the worst for this. i charge exactly what it costs to ship things.
- i do all of the shipping of merch myself, so occasionally life gets in the way and it takes me a minute to get to the post office and get orders out on time. if you have any concerns about your order or just want to check the status, please e-mail me ( and touch base.
- i am eternally grateful for your support and hope this will not dissuade you from ordering, but if you can't perhaps afford something because of the shipping costs, get in touch at the e-mail above and we can try to work something out.
Return Policy
- if something arrives to you broken or damaged, please e-mail me at and let me know. most things i can replace, but if the item was a limited edition and i no longer have copies then i can only offer a refund or a credit towards something else.
- if the item never makes it to you, please get in touch at and let me know. sometimes it might just be a delay in shipping but sometimes the mail service loses things and sometimes things get sent back to me. in the event that something gets returned to me, i will contact you to confirm your address, so please provide an e-mail address you actually use so that i can be in touch.