scattered seeds / collected dirt

by jordaan mason

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scattered songs from 2004-2010, collected here for the purposes of further fundraising and nostalgia.


released October 6, 2014

"songs" comes from a largely unrecorded collection of songs that i performed throughout 2006 alongside "mantra songs" called "is my language my mouth." the point of these songs was that they were meant to be performed in rooms, unrecorded, and forgotten. however, i found - surprise - a recording of this one song, so i thought i'd begin this collection with it. the rest of the songs are out there in the ether now.

"the library" was recorded for a compilation called "can i punk mail my heart?" that some friends from halifax put together in 2010. dylan taylor plays drums and fiddle and sings, dee addario sings, i sing and play guitar and singing saw. this was the only recording released under "the horse museum" without any other names around it.

"yr body knows" is a little snippet of a song idea from 2007. i never finished it but i find it a curious artifact.

"we will never die" and "don't sleep" were originally recorded to be included on "mantra songs" back in 2006 but ended up not making the cut. julia malott sings with me on "don't sleep."

"patrick the ghost" was on a compilation put out by sanitary records in 2006. patrick also makes appearances in some of my other songs. he was haunting me a lot during these years. kristina born plays the flute.

"liquids are the new black" and "bear tactics" both come from the short-run tour-only-release "wives all up in here," which was a split with whatever jailer that was recorded rather quickly at the oxford hotel the night before we left for our travels in spring 2008. "liquids" is a cover of one of her songs. "bear tactics" was never really a finished song but this is the closest it got, i guess. my friend dee always hated it and i might be with her on that; not sure.

"from a rocking chair" was recorded in the borden street apartment in 2010. it was for a compilation project in which each artist took a photograph and then wrote and recorded a song in response to someone else's photograph. this was mine. the photograph was taken from a porch looking out at a yard. i was listening to a lot of traditional music at the time so that kind of infiltrated my interpretation. i hit a drum and sing.

"soldier" was recorded in my dorm room at york university in the fall of 2006. it was for a compilation that never came to be. i play my friend josh's electric guitar on this one.

"what's in your head" was part of a compilation called "ukulele and i can too" that came out back in 2006. this is the only song i ever wrote on the ukulele and i did it specifically for this comp.

"drunk garden boy" was on the limited-run "sleeping on lake erie" ep which came out in 2005, before "make blankets your yard." this is the only song on the ep that i spent any real amount of time on and thus is the only one i'm including.

"jack and diane" was written for a compilation/zine project in which each piece was a response to john cougar mellencamp's song, "jack and diane." unfortunately, this project was never completed, but i still have this song i wrote for it from 2007, which is heavily infected with themes / ideas that were coming out at the time in my novel, "the skin team."

"hunting" was recorded late at night in arcata, california in a sunroom and was included on a compilation called "things our friends made" put out by we made these records in 2007.

"still here" is a really early song from 2004 from around the time of "one day the horses will have their revenge." it kind of sounds like an early "mantra song."

the last song is a remix of "_____ is water" from the album "divorce lawyers i shaved my head," which was done by my pal tyler tadlock, who makes music under the name spirituals.

the cover of this collection is a film still from "the curse of the cat people."



all rights reserved


jordaan mason Toronto, Ontario

a confused human being singing songs about being a confused human being.

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Track Name: songs
make your songs out of yr blood
howl your house to call it home
because everyone has songs to sing
but i can sing my own
Track Name: the library
couldn't eat the library
all the books have gone bad

and the farmer says
he's gonna sell the land
it's no good to him

all his heads, they're on fire now
at the end of his necks
straining high up to see
little girls making
a casket for him
out of apples and bread

some snakebites get in the skin and don't leave
what is mama baking

and so so many fathers have died the same way
and the books have gone bad
Track Name: yr body knows
but what if they don't know
that i have skin that grows
and how your body knows?
and how your body?

but what if they don't know
that i have skin that grows
and your body knows
and your body
Track Name: we will never die
we gallop the birches with our strep throats
our tired lungs like accordion bellows
we are born from mountains, our mouths are full of sand
we hide dusk in our pockets and we live off the land

my bones are made of wood
carved from evergreen
my skin is math equations
it's so hard to be clean

his brother will be my brother or
no one will keep secrets anymore
and we will walk the ocean floor
for just one terrible moment of warmth

we will never die, then
Track Name: patrick the ghost
he still carries his clothes around
poor little patrick the ghost, the ghost boy

he says he can't remember how he died
i'll tell you how he died
yes, i'll tell you how you died
Track Name: liquids are the new blacks (whatever jailer)
what good are solids when you can hardly chew with the water i sit in at all times when you speak with me helpfully in the bathtub in front of a tv and there's that one certain actor who comes on and feels at his throat in the place he was once dead and you say it's vulgar to feel at your own death

what good are solids when i've been sinking so fast into water cut off for so long from the ocean it thinks itself into a great bloody sewer and i can croon it to something better i say can you take this lottery helpfully i say take what you want from me helpfully

(k. born)
Track Name: from a rocking chair
dear god get out of my yard
i've been watching you for two weeks now
and it's my garden and that's my garden
and you can't have him so quit starin'

dear god get out of my yard
because i got this gun here on my lap
Track Name: soldier
you had a dream that we jumped off the train bridge
you left your skin all around the basement
you were cedar; violent soldier
you walked in plain and undressed your layers
you took off your shoes in the hospital waiting room

no one followed you
who are you talking to
Track Name: bear tactics
i'm gonna eat everybody that i love
and then i'm gonna sleep all winter
i'm gonna keep you in my belly like a bear

and when i wake from the great big sleep
i'm gonna be real hungry
but nothing's in the cupboards nothing's in the closets

all my skin is coming off
there's no one around to pick it up
because i ate all my friends

pull the beds from the rooms
let's get rid of everything
oh, my dear, we're dying
let's get rid of everything
Track Name: what's in your head
i'd like to have a song that i could sing very loudly
i'd like to know the words that i could say
but the wind is so quiet and the room is so cold
and there's too much space between us
for me to know what's in your head

so bury me, i don't need these bones or teeth
i don't need this mouth, it's useless to me
Track Name: drunk garden boy
buttoned-up coats and your pants by the bed
cigarette smoke surrounds your halo'ed head
and you're comely wrapped in sheets
and your body's underneath me
watch our shipwrecks combine as your mouth sheds into mine

drunk garden boy
i watched you fall asleep
husking off your skin
and growing out new leaves

drunk garden boy
no shoes on the stairs
because we own all these rooms
and we own all the chairs

so, come home, come home to me
throw your suitcase in the car and turn off the tv

drunk garden boy
can you hear the music, too?
Track Name: jack and diane
i burned down all the houses in my hometown
she was doing acid in the playground
i have lost track of her trails

when she gets out of school
i will give her all of the wood
all of the wood i have left

the powerlines know our names
we look exactly the same
we are exactly the same

we burned down the houses in our hometown
Track Name: hunting
you're sweeping up the soldiers
and every song is thin
gather acorns for winter
so you know where you've been
but where you been, my old friend?

you've got rags and tears and tethers
you glued on your feathers
and you shift around
like you haven't slept in months
are you still sore about it?

grab your guns
we're going hunting
it's a long time coming
Track Name: don't sleep
when your bones break and your mouth makes no sound
we will tell them what we meant when we found
you sleeping in the orchard alone
you keeping the plants that you've grown

and what you brought then was the reason we came
and i confess that my secrets are the same
and i confess that the horses don't sleep
and neither do i
Track Name: still here
i am still here
the bed is still here
the walls are still here
you are still here
Track Name: _____ is water (spirituals remix)
i ate all the rivers / pull all the whales out of me