one day the horses will have their revenge

by jordaan mason

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this is the story of one night when i couldn't sleep. it was written and recorded at my parent's house when i was still in high school. i recorded the entire thing at night, august through december 2004. i learned how to play the guitar as i made this because i had left my accordion in california and pianos are sort of hard to carry around. this was originally distributed to friends only and they were encouraging enough that i continued to make music. i am still slightly embarrassed to share this on the internet but there you have it.


released December 24, 2004

dustin goldklang: back-up guitar on 'postcard' and 'hardwood floors'
jordaan mason: vox / illiteracy, guitar, piano, percussion, tapes
jessica pilon: vox on 'don't stay'
shelby sifers: vox on 'the wind'
mat vuksinich: vox on 'all that we'll need'

'come & go' begins with a tape recording of my mother and ends with my family and my friend meghan joyce all singing with me. matthew vail's answering machine is on 'lullaby.'



all rights reserved


jordaan mason Toronto, Ontario

a confused human being singing songs about being a confused human being.

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Track Name: come & go
i carried you down past the churches
i did it for your own sake
you stood by the pier and you looked out
at all the lights dancing on the lake
i carried you down to the creekbed
where you stared up at the sun
you know we're all beautiful losers
you're not the only one

these pirouettes i've known since birth
these shoes i got for free
i know you always wanted more
but you won't get it from me

i carried you out to the garden
and we made ourselves a bed
you looked at me through the flowers
but i don't remember what you said
i carried you here from the ocean
where you tried to sing your song
and still, i find it endearing
that you always spell my name wrong

you come home, and you take off your clothes
you smoke in your room, and you talk to the ghosts
you shut the door, and you keep it closed
but you always come and go
and the ghosts all say that god will save you
but you're not the only one
Track Name: found ourselves the night
you who were tall and tender
swore the pounding waves away
and i saw your heart jump out of your chest
and into the grinning lake
and all the fireflies they gathered
and i caught them in my palms
where they swirled around and glowed about
as i sang out my songs
it was cold, but i stayed warm with you
it was cold, but i stayed warm next to you

we sat by a campfire
and tried to find the light
but instead we stomped the fire out
and we found ourselves the night
and i don't wanna spill out empty rhymes
or set fire to my bed
i already spend too much time
trying to figure out what's been said
so i won't say it again
so i won't sound redundant

the sun came up with wild lips
and kissed our skinny palms
and though we still hadn't slept
we ran around the lawn
and the neighbours gave us their strange look
that our smiles couldn't see
so we just kept on holding hands
because we were finally free
and they can't take that away
and they won't take that away
Track Name: don't stay just to stay (for patrick)
all the buildings are boarded up
and i lost my job last week
there's no one here on these back roads
they're out buying antiques

some people left up christmas lights
on a house by town hall
and everyone you meet
has wrote their name on some local bathroom stall

so pack your bags and leave here
don't stay just to stay with me

gambling drunks stumble out
from the restless neon signs
and they go out with their women
to the local wine and dine

the girls wear too much make-up
down at the river with the boys
flipping through the radio
blasting out that american noise

and me, i'm in a parking lot
drinking from a paper cup
i'm just trying to keep warm
i'm just trying to wake up
Track Name: a postcard with a photo of our child
there will come a day when everything will change
and all the things you loved as a child will be gone
because you sold them at some garage sale
and the photos fell off the wall
the winter came and chapped your lips
but when you kissed me, i said nothing
i just held my tongue to yours

and when the autumn ends we'll stay in bed for days
and meghan will write out lyrics
on a postcard with a photo of our child
and she'll wrap herself in blankets and clean the kitchen table
and you'll hear the microwave humming from the street

it's too loud in here
i'm drinking too much
the piano keys are broken
but i'm playing them anyway
so someday you'll sing it back to me
even if you can't sing in tune
and she'll say, "thank you"
and she'll kiss my hands

the dishes will pile up in the sink
and we'll wish that we had nothing to do for a while

i don't want to rake the leaves today
i don't want to shovel the driveway
the city lights will blink off and on
and everything you say, i'll write into a song
when you turn away and cry into your books
i will cut my hair and ask you how it looks

we'll sit out on the porch
and pronounce each other's names
and when it's cold we'll make something hot to drink
and i'll play some songs for you

i've got a book that tells me how to be happy
i've got hundreds that tell me how to be lonely
but i don't want to be lonely

you can live in my basement
and write novels on my walls
or you could just sit on my bed all night
while i play my guitar
and you listen to all my songs
even when they're not that good
and you smile
Track Name: lullaby for the boy in new york city
your hands on wet lawns
your hands covered in grass
your hands printed into soil
my hands pressed against the glass

you're always talking about laundry
even though your clothes smell so good
i just want to be near you
and you know i would if i could

but please, stay calm
i know you'll adapt, eventually

your hands turned yellow
your hands turned blue
your hands: the crickets
yeah, they're always sing to you

and sometimes when i'm still awake
i listen to the wind in the trees
sitting out on my front porch
stuttering and shaking in the knees

but please, stay calm
i know i'll adapt, eventually

i know we'll adapt, eventually
Track Name: all that we'll need
i get all these dumb questions like
what the hell are you gonna do with your life
i'm gonna live, and i'm gonna see you
standing on the corner
and we'll smoke cigarettes as our hands go numb
out on the porch, until the dawn
because we've gotta smoke outside
and the winter here is cold, but that's alright
we're got sweaters and scarves
and the heater was fixed in my car
so we can drive to town if you'd like
and blast the tapedeck out into the night

i don't have any answers
and i don't need to justify my curiosity
i'm gonna try a little harder
to get out of my bed today
and gather all the things that i might need
just some clean clothes and some CDs
and i'll drive until i can't anymore
and i'll call you from a payphone of some convenience store
you can meet me in the park
we'll run around in the snow til it gets dark
and we'll chase each other up and down the street
back to your house to fall asleep

and it's all that we'll need
Track Name: hardwood floors
you could tap your shoes
in four-four time
until your feet hurt

we could hang out to dry
our skin made of fabric
threads coming loose

and you could sing your blues
under the porch light
but take off the mask

and would you look at my face
as it leaks all over
the hardwood floors

and you told me you're thirsty
boy on the bed
just don't drink the ocean

don't be so callow
don't be so green
don't stain the carpet

that's not you
you're not that orange
and we can't divide you

and your skinny arms
hang out the window
of these hotel rooms

the boat-room we lived in
the forks that you stole
and left for the streets

look at the city
as she takes off her clothes
and she leaves you a trail
of garments on the floor
for you to follow
Track Name: your couch
i slept on your couch
and in the other room
you were fucking his brains out

and i'm wondering
if i should make some coffee
because this is going to be one hell of a night
Track Name: plaid shirts and opened drawers
everyone's asleep in the hotel cotton beds
everyone's awake in the houses uptown
but we still had that place
where we kept all our clothes
and called it home until the day
we watched it decompose

and this is all we've got
plaid shirts and opened drawers
or old men in movie theatres
thinking about their lives
i don't know just what to do
when i see them cry
and i wonder if they're all alone
and how do they get by

and will i end up like them

i could drink this coffee
until i lose my nerves
but it won't help me understand
my fear of being awake
so i'll retreat to the mountains
where no one can see me climb
and i will be alone, i'll be alone, i'll be just fine

so pour the sand out of your shoes
and wash your dirty hair
no money coney island blues
we haven't even been there
Track Name: the wind
the little birds said to me
hey why don't you climb in our tree
and together, we could write a song
i said, oh but my legs are too long

so instead, i baked them a pie
but they said they thought it too dry
so i built them a house out of sticks
but the birds said that they were gonna need bricks

because the wind is gonna come
and blow us all away
Track Name: sleep
would you be angry
if you had known
that i stayed up
all night again

i made you breakfast
and here's the paper
now please be quiet
so i can sleep