no dictionary

by jordaan mason

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in may 2014, i was at the peak of a very bad depression and left my home for a month to recover. i recorded this EP during that time in the room i was living in.

guitar + voice in a room singing confused songs about the body.
these songs felt like skeletons to me so i left them bare.

thanks to dan berube and brandon hackett for allowing the noise.


released August 28, 2014



all rights reserved


jordaan mason Toronto, Ontario

a confused human being singing songs about being a confused human being.

*** if you would like a digital download but cannot afford it (for whatever reason, you don't need to tell me), just get in touch at the contact link below & i will get you a code. i sometimes take a minute to reply but if you like the music i want you to have it, so please get in touch. xo! *** ... more

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Track Name: choir
cancelling sex plans, moving through rooms like an animal
failing to remember what the hell my body felt like before
spitting up in the sink and sunk and stuck and shit we say we saw
tuck a flashlight in my pants, i close my eyes, and then the light is gone

just because we don't have a choir doesn't mean we need to be quiet
Track Name: static
i swallowed barb-wire
i couldn't speak
you were blasted and then some
my head: some static, you see

every time i think of you i think of drinking gasoline
every time i think of you i think of how to get even
Track Name: wrong
i have done nothing wrong i have done everything wrong
i will stay in this house i will wait for the heat, here
i will not run away i will run away, dear

i don't know what i want but i know what i want
i will not be ashamed i'll bury my head
i will take off my skin in our bed

i have done nothing wrong i have done everything wrong
i will make what i can i will make nothing
i will wake from this dream i'll just stay sleeping
Track Name: receive
you hang other boys from bridges;
i just let them come on my chest

you break your own organs while making
long-distance phone calls to doctors

he can name all the bones in my body;
i don't have enough paper for you to be Dante

better yet: how do you spell receive when you finally do it
Track Name: coins
put a dollar in my mouth
one for every time you thought you knew what i said

yes, you speak thesaurus
yes, we speak with garden paths
we switch costumes and take off our shoes
now which skin is mine?

i had a very bad dream
it lasted 20 years, 7 months, and 27 days
i woke up wet every morning

will you hold my head
while i throw up coins